I forgot my password, what do I do?

MMSM has included a “Forgot Password” feature to the Steward Reporting System login page.

  1. Navigate to the MMSM Steward Reporting System
  2. Type in your company’s Steward number
  3. Type in your login id
  4. Click on Forgot Password button (with red background)
  5. Your password will be sent to the email address you used when registering with MMSM.

Are there any material exemptions?

Designated Packaging and Printed Paper (DPPP) materials that are not managed in the residential waste system need not be included in the Steward’s Report. (I.e. something that is strictly used for agricultural purposes is exempted) All quantities of DPPP not managed through a private waste management program should be considered obligated under the program.

Deductible Material Rationale
DPPP that is handled exclusively by an establishment’s on-premise waste management program. Stewards can deduct DPPP sold to establishments that have on premise waste management program. For example, soup cans sold and consumed at an auto manufacturing cafeteria or university campus can be deducted.
Food service DPPP packaging partially managed on-site Food service establishments that offer in-house seating often manage a portion of DPPP on site. This may be deductible. Stewards need to describe how they quantify material deductions (i.e. determine what portion of designated Packaging/Printed Materials are used onsite) and report total quantities taken away from the property by, or delivered to consumers.
DPPP Packaging and/or Printed Paper managed through an internal recovery program Some Stewards manage all or some of their DPPP internally (e.g. photo developers recycling plastic film canisters; retailers recycling plastic bags returned by customers). They would calculate their total DPPP generated in Manitoba then describe how they calculated deductions for the portions managed through internal systems.
DPPP used and managed within an IC&I system There are exemptions based on the use of a material. If a material is used and managed within an IC&I (Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional) system it is not obligated. For example, something that is strictly used for agricultural purposes is exempted. This would include grain bags and other products used exclusively for agricultural purposes.

Are there any program exemptions?

MMSM applies a sales-based and a fee-based exemption threshold to determine if a Steward is required to register with MMSM and to pay fees.

  1. Stewards are exempt from filing a Steward’s Report and paying the fees if during the Data Year, the Steward, its Affiliates, and Franchisees had combined Gross Revenues from the sale of all products and services in Manitoba which was less than $750,000;
  2. After a Steward files a Steward’s Report they will be exempt from payment of fees if, during the Data Year, the Steward, its Affiliates and Franchisees Supplied DPPP in an aggregate quantity of kilograms that generated annualized fees of less than $250.00.

How do we file a Steward’s report?

To file a Steward’s report with Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba click on the following link: https:/datasystem.ca/reporting/.

This will require the use of the Steward number, login and password. This information would have been provided to you either during the registration process or in an email from Customer Service in January 2012. If you are having difficulty finding this information contact Customer Service at 1-877-883-5828.

What companies are currently registered with MMSM?

If you wish to view a list of registered companies and approved Voluntary Stewards please go to the Steward List on the Registration & Reporting tab of the MMSM website. Stewards can use these lists to identify if their Manitoba based vendors are compliant with the WRAP Act and/or if out of province brand owners have volunteered to become the Obligated Steward on behalf of the First Importer in Manitoba. This list will be regularly updated.

How do we register?

To register with Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba click on the following link: https:/datasystem.ca/registration/

This process will require detailed company information about your Company and Primary Contact. Once all mandatory fields are completed and submitted, obligated Stewards will receive an email with a Steward number, login ID and password that will enable them to file a Steward’s Report online.

Companies who are registered and not obligated to file a Steward’s Report will be sent an email by MMSM confirming they have declared that they are not obligated to file a Steward’s Report.

When do we register and file a Steward’s Report?

All companies are encouraged to register and report with MMSM no later than March 30, 2012 for the 2012 Obligation year. For first time Stewards that are resident in Manitoba you must submit your 2010 and 2011 reports prior to submitting your 2012 report. Please note that outstanding 2010 and 2011 reports are subject to penalties and interest.

What are the exact printed paper and packaging materials that Stewards are required to include in their reports?

For a detailed list of DPPP, review the document entitled Material_Category_Table.

What is DPPP and when did DPPP funding obligations take effect?

DPPP stands for Designated Packaging and Printed Paper. It is defined as Packaging and/or Printed Paper that consists of one or a combination of glass, metal, paper, or and plastic that is potentially disposed in the Manitoba municipal residential waste system.

This program commenced on April 1, 2010.

Who is obligated under the PPP Program Plan?

The Manitoba Waste Reduction and Prevention (WRAP) Act, 2008 requires companies who are designated as “Stewards” of residential packaging and printed paper to share in funding up to 80% of the net cost of Manitoba’s municipal waste reduction and preventions programs. Considering the questions below will help you determine if your company is likely to be classified as a Steward.

  1. Is your company resident in Manitoba? For more information about carrying on business in Manitoba and how this concept is applied under the PPP Program Plan, please see Appendix A of the 2012 Rules. A company that is not resident in Manitoba is not obligated under the WRAP Act but may choose to volunteer to become a Steward.
  2. Are you/is your company a Brand Owner, First Importer, or Franchisor of one or more consumer products and /or printed paper sold/distributed in Manitoba?
  3. If you answered yes to question 2, does your company or organization’s products or printed paper generate “Designated Packaging and Printed Paper” (DPPP)? DPPP is defined as Packaging and/or Printed Paper that consists of one or a combination of glass, metal, paper, or and plastic that is potentially disposed in the Manitoba municipal residential waste system.
  4. Was your company’s gross Manitoba revenue for 2011 greater than $750,000? Gross Revenue in Manitoba includes the combined gross revenues from the sale of all products and services in Manitoba by your company and all of its affiliates. If your company is a franchise, gross Manitoba revenue refers to the combined sales from all of your franchisees’ products and services.

If you answered YES the questions above, your company is obligated to file a Steward’s Report with MMSM. If you answered NO to any question, you are not obligated under the Packaging and Printed Paper Stewardship Regulation. However, MMSM requires you to register and declare your non-obligation status to us so that we reduce future contact with you.