Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba Inc. (MMSM) is the not-for-profit, industry-funded organization that funds and provides support for the province’s residential recycling programs for packaging and printed paper.

MMSM works on behalf of the manufacturers, retailers and other organizations that supply packaging and printed paper to Manitobans. These businesses pay fees on the materials to MMSM, which are then used to reimburse municipalities for up to 80% of the net cost of the residential recycling system.

Our goal is to promote the reduction, reuse and recycling of the materials managed in our program.

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October 26, 2021

MMSM update on the GFL acquisition of CSSA

In July of 2021, Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba Inc. (“MMSM”) was advised by Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance Inc. (“CSSA”) that CSSA had entered into an agreement to sell substantially all of its assets to Resource Recovery Alliance Inc. (“RRA”), a for-profit corporation, solely owned and controlled by GFL Environmental Inc.

MMSM previously entered into a Management Services Agreement with CSSA (the “MSA”), which continues to be in effect. CSSA has taken the position that, in connection with the sale of assets to RRA, it is entitled to assign its obligations under the MSA to RRA. MMSM has significant concerns with the transaction involving CSSA and RRA, and has asserted that the MSA cannot be assigned to RRA without the express written consent of MMSM. At this point, MMSM is continuing to review its legal position. Pursuant to the terms of the MSA, the dispute between MMSM and CSSA may be referred to binding arbitration if it cannot otherwise be resolved.

MMSM responds to GFL/CSSA Announcement 

Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba Inc. (MMSM) is carefully examining the July 6 announcement from Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance (CSSA) that it is being acquired by Resource Recovery Alliance (RRA), an entity owned and/or controlled by GFL Environmental Inc. (GFL).

CSSA provides analytical and administrative support services to MMSM. CSSA has provided MMSM with written assurance that, following the transaction, all MMSM data will be held in confidence within RRA; will be used solely for the purposes of providing services under the current CSSA-MMSM Management Services Agreement; and will not be accessible to GFL.

In light of MMSM’s responsibility to stewards and to the broader public, MMSM will be taking further steps to consider and assess the implications of the acquisition, and in particular the control measures proposed by CSSA. In addition, MMSM will consider what further measures might be necessary to protect stewards’ confidential information, ensure the continued integrity of its Conflict of Interest policies, and support healthy and open competition among recycling collection and processing service providers.

MMSM has and will act promptly to ensure that these inquiries are completed and will consult with its stakeholder community on any new policies or actions it takes or proposes to take in relation to CSSA / RRA.