If you have determined that your company is a Steward, you must register and file a Steward’s Report. If you missed any of MMSM’s registration and Reporting deadlines, you are still obligated to register and file all of your organization’s outstanding Steward’s Reports. Please follow the checklist below. Registration is a two-step online process. First, you create an application for registration, followed by the formal registration process. Before you register, be prepared to provide the information in the registration checklist: Registration Checklist – Do you have the following information?

  • Primary contact (individual authorized to act on behalf your organization with respect to its legal obligations).
  • Correct company address information.
  • Ability and authorization to answer yes or no to the following question: is your company a Brand Owner or First Importer (into Manitoba) of products whose Packaging and /or Printed Paper are managed through the Manitoba residential waste system?
  • Ability and authorization to answer if your company’s and its Affiliates’ combined Gross Revenue in Manitoba from the sale of all products and services in the consumer, commercial and institutional markets in any of the required data periods were less than or greater than $750,000.

Register Now! Following registration, each Obligated Steward receives a steward number, login ID and password by email that enables filing a Steward’s Report online using the Steward Reporting System.